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Prefolded Leaflet Inserting System Manufacturers in India

Prefolded Leaflet Inserting System

A Prefolded Leaflet Inserting System Manufacturer is a piece of equipment used in the packaging and printing industry. It is designed to automate the process of inserting prefolded leaflets or small paper documents into productpackaging, such as cartons, boxes, or envelopes. This system is commonly used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverage, and other consumer goods sectors.

Technical Specifications :

Maximum in-feed width : 8-1/4" (210 mm)
Minimum in-feed width : 2-1/3" (60 mm)
Maximum in-feed length : 4-1/8" (105 mm)
Minimum in-feed length: 5/8" (15 mm)
Maximum Speed : Up to 400 leaflets/min
Product thickness : Up to 3 mm maximum

Applications :

  • In the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to include informational leaflets with medication packaging.
  • Beauty and personal care products often include pre-folded leaflets with usage instructions, ingredient lists, and safety information.
  • Certain food products, especially those with specialized cooking instructions, nutritional information, or promotional offers, may benefit from the inclusion of leaflets.
  • Medical device manufacturers need to provide detailed instructions, regulatory information, and safety guidelines with their products.

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